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Here are my favorite videos, a new one each month!

February 2017

This is spot on, even more so as Sing Street is mentioned in passing.

January 2017

Time travel.

December 2016

Best music this year? Somehow I'm listening to more and more female acts: Mitski, Julia Holter, Kate Tempest, Eleanor Friedberger, THEESatisfaction, Barbara Morgenstern, Wye Oak, and in addition Elysia Crampton and Anohni. The video is by Jenny Hval.

November 2016

"Do it!"

October 2016

100% accuracy.

September 2016

Our student Christoph Maurhofer has combined Maya/Miarmy with Python for more intelligent agents. Other examples include a more intelligent version of Dave Fothergill's hooligan carousel or some scary clowns.

August 2016

Why is college expensive? Professors & buildings together use about half of the budget, the other half is for administration. Indeed, admin staff is growing fast, and is currently 3.5x higher than 20 years ago.

July 2016

Simple yet effective.

June 2016


May 2016

Lichess has reignited my love for online chess. If you want, you can play chess as if it was a real time strategy game. If you want to play me, I usually do classic 5 minute blitz games, without increment.

April 2016

Hot Sauce.

March 2016

Sadly, this is turning into a mourning blog. Today, Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest passed away. When I was young, I was impressed not only by the amazing Dilla beats but also the thoughtful and mature lyrics of ATQC. Only now I learned that the members of ATCQ were actually younger than me. Rest in peace, Phife Dawg.

February 2016

History lesson by the jingle king.

January 2016

The best ever "one man band" passed away today. So many outstanding songs, which one should I choose? Rest in peace, David Bowie.

December 2015

While I am generally sceptical about explaining concepts by video, I think this one does a good job.

November 2015

The real video of the month is probably a bit too disturbing for my little video blog. Instead, let's have a video of the band called "Eagles of Death Metal". In spite of their band name, they always had catchy tunes, below one of my old favorites. In addition, a feel good article about the Bataclan venue. If you want to see the real video of the month, head over to Youtube, and search for something like Bataclan 2008 Threat.

October 2015

Today is the day in the future that Marty McFly visited in the "classic sequel" (oxymoron alarm!) Back to the Future II. According to the movie, in 2015 Swiss terrorists are a real menace! Proof in the video, at 2:22.

September 2015

Men have almost twice as many partners as women!? How can this be, after all every couple should count as exactly one for men as well as for women, right? There are even more men than women in the world, so if anything an average woman should have a (slightly) higher number! Men having more same sex partners might explain some of the discrepancy, but surely not all of it. Or maybe these numbers are medians instead of means, and some women "escort" many men? However, the numbers are not integers, so probably they are plain old arithmetic means, and not medians. So what is it?! I guess men "brag" and/or women "piously" underreport.

August 2015

Back to the Future.

July 2015

That's Numberwang!

June 2015

Jamie xx's album of the year is out. Here he is together with the legend, Caribou.

May 2015

Virtual Reality Soccer reminds me of Robocup Soccer (jump to 2:00).

April 2015

Da Fuh?

March 2015

In my dreams, the progressive US nation decides to drop their daylight saving time. The year after the EU follows suit. And then, two years later, also the Swiss can finally stop this thing.

February 2015

Mark your calendars, the best musician without a single album is going to be in town soon.

January 2015

Distributed Computing Meets Biology, with Saket Navlakha. The video mentions that stone-age model.

Earlier Videos

I started this one video each month tradition in January 2010. You will find the early years here.